1. Jeff The Killer

2. Jeff

3. Jeff Is Back

4. My Friend Jeff

5. Jeff The Killer Returns

Welcome to the GO TO SLEEP WikiEdit

"There are somethings you have to except, one is death" Anonymous

Proudly hosting some of your worst nightmares since a week ago.


1. NO OC PASTAS! There will be OC (original content) possibility's where I will except but mostly, Jeff story's

2. NO PAGE DESTROYERS! The immediate I see a page destroyed I will ban the last user to update it, even if it wasn't you I will assume it was you and, take you off.

3. NO HORRIBLE TROLL PASTAS! (but normal troll pastas are aloud) Enough with the freaking "and the teh skeleton popped out". NO WAY THAT WILL HAPPEN IN THE NEAR FUTURE!

Latest activityEdit

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