The StoryEdit

One week ago something weird happened,I was doing my normal bedtime routine which is wash dishes and play on my Wii. When I went on my youtube app for the Wii it automaticly opened up a video which i thought wasn't normal. "Whatever" I thought as I watched the video, The title of the video was "HI THERE" by the user  "IAmYourNightmare". It started off like any shitty vlog would but as it progressed it got creepy. 3 minutes into the video he showed his face when I became aware that he was walking down my street. His skin was this white pale mess and he had a smile like the fucking Joker, and don't even get me started on his creepy shit eyes. He then stared straight at the camera for the last minute then said "hi there" before it cut to my TV shuting off, "Oh for fucks sakes". I looked out the window and he was standing on my lawn, he ran up and smashed through my window and  stood up and said "YOU LOOK TIRED" before he pinned me to the ground. I kicked and punched but nothing worked. The last thing I heard before blacking out was 


I awoke in a hospital when a officer standing with the docter told me what happened "Your neighbours reported seeing a man wearing a gray hoodie covered in blood running out your front door". "They immediately called us and we went to the scene a found you on your basement floor with cuts on your arm that said GO TO SLEEP. I looked at my arm and saw the cut and I remebered it. GO TO SLEEP. I looked at him and said "I-i've got to go and I got up and ran out the room and they told me I had to stay "Like I give a shit" I yelled before running out of the hospital. I arrived home ten minutes later, and I checked my Youtube watch history and surely enough it was there. I watched it and it said in a dark red font "Only works at night" before a chuckle admitted from the speakers.

Later that night I put on the video and sure enough it worked, it showed his face grining for about a miute before he said "LOOK OUT YOUR WINDOW". I did so and saw him standng right beside my car, I grabbed my wooden baseball bat and grabbed two knifes from my drawer and put them in my pocket and walked outside and began the fatal battle.

[1]From the video.Added byMAXMOEFOEisBoss

The FightEditEdit

I walked out my front door with the baseball bat and ran towards him ready to swing but stopped 3 feet away. He had my other baseball bat, I continued my charge and I swung at him but he dodged it with very quick movement, as I prepared for another swing he hit me in then foot with it "FUCK" I said in pain. I swung it as hard as I could and I hit him in the stomach he went down for a second but got back up looking more pissed then ever. He ran up and gutted me, and with one last desprate attempt to try and kill him I took the knives out of my pockets and threw them at leg. He yelled but he grabbed the bat with both hands, stood over me, and swung. Last thing I heard before passing out was a loud splat.


He had me latched to a table when I woke up, I screamed but before I could call for help he grabbed a scalep out of the tray beside me and cutt off my tounge. "NOW WILL YOU SHUTUP" he yelled, I tryed to get loose but to no avail. He pulled a knife from his tool kit and he walked around the table, he put the knife over his head. Plunged it into me throat and said 


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